It would never have happened in the original Morse series or the Lewis series. The logistics of how it was written in this episode–actually, across this whole series–actually makes more sense than just about any other scenario than I could come up with for how Morse, even as a more senior officer, could be able to afford such a fine piece of real estate, but at the same time, don’t fit with the character at all. Nothing against Sara Vickers, I just feel that the Joan character has run its course and is a distraction. With mounting pressure on the team to fall in with the corrupt politicians and policemen or face being exposed or worse, Thursday, Morse, Strange and Bright have a difficult decision to make. The rules never apply to the rich, and Morse was always on the outside looking in. Strange was the one how pursued the case, in many ways, he was the only one who could, with Bright and Morse sidelined to obscure roles and Thursday demoted. Blenheim Vale was the children’s home that Endeavour and Thursday investigated in the episode Neverland, series 2, episode 4. A reference to the shootout at the end of the episode? Thanks James, I will add that to my post. Episode Jag Rating – out of 10. Further to my comment on this page, from March last year, regarding the actor Alexander Hanson, may I add another Morse connection, that is perhaps tenuous, but worth mentioning all the same. the ear tugging and pushing his hair aside. That’s my guess. Betray their moral compass and their oath as a policeman or face up to an uncertain future. – What happens now to the corrupt Councillor Clive Burkitt & McGyffin. So that the scene can contrive Thursday overhearing them. There the script identified the melody as "Deguello" and told how it was used at the Alamo. This was surely unnecessary and completely melodramatic, 2 the gunfight scene was so bad I was laughing out loud. I’m not a pathologist, but even encased in concrete I would have expected there to be decomposition such that rescuers would have noticed, rather than needing the clue of the tied hands. You correctly caught on to the reference to ‘The Third Man’ in Fred Thursday’s comment about Holly Martins being his preferred author. I don’t mean they decided early on not to pursue it–I mean they filmed it, and then decided to edit it out. Even with all your knowledge & your criticisms you came through really liking it in spite of your self and your knowledge prevails– Of course I saw it on the u-tube (which we are not supposed to do) but there is a lady that does produce a really good viewing I subscribe to. Coincidentally that walk was what Hathaway had planned to do but never reached his destination. When Endeavour is talking to Dorothea Frazil about the collapse of the tower block she says, “When they tore down the Oxpens slums, it was meant to be a fresh start.” Oxpens was that part of Oxford between Oxpens Road and Queen Street. Presenting a complex drama to be viewed on a small two-dimensional screen over a short timeframe has major challenges that need to be considered. When Thursday and Morse return to the police station after the shoot out, Thursday says, “Put the black spot on all of them.” The Black Spot is a literary device invented by Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island. Directed by Jeffrey Hayden. Holly Matrins is a writer in the film. Do a search on Youtube or a Google video search and you'll find lots of performances, including several of the Mexican calvary call, presumably the true Deguello. Fred says, “Is he working you with his foot, or what?”, When entering Osbert Page’s flat Thursday remarks, “Well either Osbert Page was the untidiest librarian – to ever draw breath – Or somebody’s beaten us to it.”, As part of the same conversation as above Fred says, “Now you’re just a villain. Bright walks toward New College lane for the supposed meeting with Assistant Chief Constable Bottoms. The Degüello was introduced to the Americas by the Spanish armies and was later adopted by the patriot armies fighting against them during the Spanish American wars of independence. Endeavour Series six, Episode Four; ‘Degüello’. re. I did wonder whether the Endeavour plot was an allusion to Grenfell, but as others have said, Cranmer seems more likely. Not Jim Reeves.,,,, Anton Lesser as Chief Superintendent Reginald Bright,,,, Follow Morse, Lewis and Endeavour on,,,,,,,,,,,, Hi Mimi. I suppose the important thing is that it is caused by an incorrect mixture of concrete’s ingredients. Like Shakespeare’s Iago in “Othello,” Jago was pulling all the strings in the background. It is an instrumental in the two John Wayne films Rio Bravo (1959) and The Alamo (1960), and was also used in The Alamo (2004). Re: the building collapse. You want another Blenheim Vale? Listen to music from Tiomkin like Rio Bravo, Solo Ante el Peligro (De "Solo Ante el Peligro") & more. Also, the title of the episode itself, Degüello, deriving from the Spanish verb “degollar” meaning to cut the throat, decapitate or behead has a Masonic connection in my opinion. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1992 CD release of Saison De Musique on Discogs. Interesting little touch here in the scene when Strange is taking down George Fancy’s picture from the incident wall. I’m not sure if anybody has pointed this out but the character of Lucy Paroo shares her surname with the character of Marian Paroo who’s from the Broadway musical “The Music Man.” Marian is a librarian so it’s a neat coincidence. As they run Fred says, “Take ’em.” and pulls out his gun as does Morse, Jim and Bright. Here I am thinking out loud again. She is the protagonist of a series of eleven crime novels written from 1990 to 2017. Dimitri Zinovievich Tiomkin was a Russian-born Hollywood film score composer and conductor. Maybe some connections to future Morse characters, like Bottomley, Charlie Hillian, Patrick Dawson (again)? In films, El Degüello varies, sometimes markedly. To read more about that event click HERE. It is depicted as a bugle call Hello Endeavourists and welcome to my review of the FOURTH episode of the new sixth series, Degüello . I was particularly struck when Morse walked into the hospital with his hands in his pockets to see Sandra Reynolds. gb. also appeared in the Lewis episode Generation of Vipers as journalist, Francis Mitchell. She of course, appeared in the classic Inspector Morse episode, “Dead on Time”, as Helen Marriat, the wife of Adrian Dunbar’s doctor, John Marriot. In the episode ‘The way through the woods’, there is a bloodbath of a denouement in the end which wasn’t in the Colin Dexter story. So we don’t berate the characters surrounding a dying hero for singing their hearts out rather than calling for an ambulance. To read my review of CONFECTION episode Series 6, Episode 3, click HERE. Dr. Jasper Nicholson was the owner of a Sanatorium In ‘Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”. Nicely handled. You can listen to the song in its entirety here: Last night I rewatched the episode and was struck by how similar it was to the way the original Morse series approached the season’s finales. Interestingly, Jim Reeves was playing in the club in episode ‘Icarus’ when Morse, Thursday et al discovered the shoot out and George Fancy’s body. (It’s still available for hire.. Thanks Chris for all the hard work. who sang ” deguello;; in this episode? I think it’s in the miscellaneous section. In the book, pirates are presented with a “black spot” to officially pronounce a verdict of guilt or judgement. A little joke. When I look at the show in this way, I am more comfortable with what the writer is attempting. used by Cuban rebels in the 19th century to launch mounted charges against the Spanish infantry. Morse didn’t want to follow the cronyism, but loved Oxford for enlightening the masses regardless of background. She perished, along with her family, at a labour camp called Mittelbau-Dora. You will find many, many different opinions on this series once you read all the reviews and comments! In the US broadcast, it is an original composition by Endeavor composer Matthew Slater, titled, appropriately, “Deguello”. I don’t disagree, but I do especially like when the music played is organic to the action. They don’t like killing even when it’s necessary. Here’s a sample done by the LMO: Rio Bravo - El Deguello El Deguello Written by Dimitri Tiomkin RIO BRAVO (USA 1959) Talk between John T. Chance and Colorado Ryan during the" DeGuello" sounds on the background: Colorado Ryan: How'd you come out with Burdette? I wonder what gems and touching moments I missed. Pylon was an ok start, but really went down hill. When Dr Nicholson is explaining to Morse and Thursday why he destroyed Emil Baumgarten’;s notebooks he says that every day he recites the Mourner’s Kaddish for Emil Baumgarten. Having been a Morse TV fan for over thirty years I was very angered by the poor ending to an episode I was rather enjoying. — Baksheesh is mentioned in The Jewel In The Crown, when Barbie Batchelor (the great Peggy Ashcroft) is talking with a young Arab boy who wants to carry her suitcase. So glad you were able to calm down enough to see straight about this episode, Chris! Dimitri Tiomkin had already collaborated with director Howard Hawks in 1948 with one of the truly great American westerns and one of the greatest western scores-"Red River" when director and composer came together again in 1959 with "Rio Bravo" with very similar results. Overall I don’t think it has been a great season, with far too much concentration on slipping in fun ‘easter eggs’ at the expense of the actual plots, which tended to be derivative and predictable. It makes me laugh when the same people who rubbish you for making the often valid points regarding the comparison to Morse (or anyone that does) because “it is a completely different show” (paraphrasing but I have seen endless variations of the comment) will comment how emotional they felt when Morse moved into his forever home and they can’t wait unti he gets the burgundy jag – if the shows don’t relate then why care ? Ian Burfield  appeared in the Lewis episode, ‘And the Moonbeams Kissed the Sea’. At least now that Morse has his own place he should have the opportunity to play some more classical music, for those who have been missing that. I wish to say that this family name has NOTHING to do with trees and has never been interchangeable with Baumgarden. Music presented in this way has such an impact that it only needs to appear in two or three places during each episode for it to take the whole production to a completely new level. This was surely unnecessary and completely melodramatic.” There was a lot of art on display at various places but it will take a while to identify. UPDATE: My mum died from Covid-19 on the 6th May 2020. I hope that isn’t a problem. ARGGGH! But what a perfect compliment to the final episode! This is Holywell Street in Oxford. . Playing via Spotify Playing via YouTube. The episode in Australia. Hi Chris – sorry you cop that stuff online (which I have been seeing) – I never understand those reactions but it is why now I am not a member of any the public FB pages (I do visit yours) nor any Twitter groups. Jago, when passing the envelope with money in it, says to Thursday, “It’s just baksheesh for a blind eye turned.” — Baksheesh is a word used in Asia meaning a small sum of money given as alms, a tip, or a bribe. I have come to the conclusion that they cherry pick what they want – any negative comparison the person is rubbished any positive link or comparison praised – -all power to them but for me it is not an intelligent commentary. The Salvation Army (TSA) is a Protestant Christian church and an international charitable organisation. At around the 30 minute mark Morse is talking to the porter about Professor Burrowes. Around the two minute mark we see the entrance to the Bodleian Library. Chris, even looking through two computer monitors and my TV screen, I can’t decipher what you’ve circled in your “Where’s Colin?” image. I guess the big difference is that the ensemble cast in Endeavour is much larger than in Morse. And since I’ve come to admire its other aspects as well, I know I am going to continue to enjoy each episode to the bitter end. In the background you can see All Souls College. Incidentally, I was reading a series of interviews with Russell Lewis and was shocked by how many scenes exploring the character’s lives end up on the cutting room floor. I did mention all that in my review apart from the Jewel in the Crown part. Written by Colin Dexter (characters), Russell Lewis (written and devised by). Morse says, “How’s that?” The porter replies, ” Same as most men, I suppose, sir. The phrase is ‘Dulce Domum” which literally translated means ‘Sweetly at home’ or simply ‘sweet home’. He met and fell in love with Deborah Baumgarten who was Jewish. I’m sure Endeavour isn’t the first TV show to use music in this way, but it’s what I like about it. Endeavour mentioned that the Memoirs Of A Voluptuary were part of the Phi Collection. Sorry for being so long-winded, but what I’m trying to say is that in my view criticising a dramatic scene for not bearing a close resemblance to reality often misses the point. Re: Bright and the pelican/traffic detail. He says, “Let us not deal falsely, eh?” This is a quote from the bible, Leviticus 19:11: Ye shall not steal, and ye shall not deal falsely, and ye shall not lie one to another. (4) Did they say “Teagarden” or “Treegarden”? Thank you to someone on Twitter who pointed out that this is Magdalene College Library. 4. I’m assuming the copyright has elapsed in regard to the character, Sherlock Holmes. This is of course a reference to Angela Lansbury who plays Jessica Fletcher in the TV series Murder She Wrote. Aprende a tocar el cifrado de Ballad Of The Alamo (Marty Robbins) en Cifra Club. – Falling Darkness (2010) … (screenplay) If you do write a book and are able to get it published, please let us know the title. I believe it was a rather mundane, boring trite way to resolve so many loose ends. I mean, terribly, monstrously flawed. Pompei – the bodies are actually casts made by the excavators by pouring plaster into the “mould” made around the body by the lava, ash, etc. I see that music from ‘Otello’ appears in ‘Fugue’ from Season One. Follow Morse, Lewis and Endeavour on The ingenuity of their efforts to achieve sexual release is astonishing, and interwoven with this curious story is some remarkable heterosexual narrative from a sophisticated French friend. In the southern part of Texas / In the town of San Antone / There's a fortress all in ruins that the weeds have overgrown / You may look in vain for crosses and you'll These three names a reference to the Oxford Martyrs’. Whether the genre was Westerns, drama, comedy, film noir, adventure, or war documentary, Tiomkin’s visceral, dramatic underscores helped bring more than 100 feature films to vivid life. Hollis Binks. I would have liked to have seen Morse get the Jaguar. If you google Deguello theres a movie clip with pronunciation. When it comes to the US in June on Masterpiece I will be watching really good- no CC on YouTube- I miss so much -Thank You for your wonderful dedicated review .You know the ones that were criticizing you on line do not realize your knowledge- and how deep it runs- rest easy now- you have done your job ;o).